Mechanic Chadstone

Log Book Servicing & Roadworthy Certificate in Chadstone, Melbourne

We offer first-class services for repairs and maintenance of all makes and models of cars and 4WD vehicles at competitive prices. We strive to achieve excellent results for every vehicle irrespective of the complexity of the issue as we believe in keeping the customers happy.

Our technicians conduct a thorough car inspection for detecting the issues and resolving them efficiently. We also involve customers in the fault detection and repair process. Along with performing general mechanical and auto-electrical repairs and servicing, we also conduct log book servicing, car diagnosis, roadworthy inspections car pre-purchase inspection in Chadstone, Melbourne.

  • Our mechanics are qualified to carry out logbook servicing.
  • Our mechanics are licensed to perform the roadworthy inspection.
  • Our mechanics keep you informed throughout the process.

While performing logbook servicing in Chadstone, Melbourne we follow the manufacturer’s specifications and use only genuine parts and top-quality lubricants. We stamp the logbook of your vehicle during every service interval.

If your vehicle passes the roadworthy inspection, we will issue a roadworthy certificate, and if it fails, we can make the necessary repairs and re-check the vehicle within 7 days.

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