Braketech’s Brake Maintenance Guide – Check Out!

//Braketech’s Brake Maintenance Guide – Check Out!

Braketech’s Brake Maintenance Guide – Check Out!

How good are your brakes? Have you ever gone to a brake specialist Melbourne for regular brake maintenance? It’s good to know about your brake system & what needs to be done, you’ll know when to go for a brake service. When it comes to your brake system, every single component of your brake system needs attention. Brake components such as master cylinders, lines, calipers, rotors, and pads have to be in good order for the brakes to function smoothly. So, what does each of these? Let’s explore.

Brake Fluid

Your car’s brake system runs hydraulically. Your car brake fluid transfers the power from the foot pedal and sends it to the brakes. If this process malfunctions or the brake fluid is contaminated, it won’t exert enough power on the brakes. That’s why it’s so important to check the brake fluid levels from time to time and replace them whenever necessary. The recommended brake fluid check would be after every 12,000 miles and replace them if the fluid is dirty.

Calipers, Rotors & Brake Pads

The calipers, rotors, and brake pads work in sync with one another for you to stop the vehicle. When you step on the brake pedal, the fluid is sent to the caliper. These calipers then squeeze together to exert pressure & they get damaged over time. When they squeeze, the brake pads hold together firmly onto the rotor & this helps slow down your car. If the brake pads are damaged, they could also ruin the rotor. So make it a point to inspect, replace or resurface your brake rotors & brake pads every 60,000 miles to ensure they are smooth.

Driving Habits

If your car carries heavy loads everyday, your car brakes might wear faster. So, make sure to leave space and avoid carrying loads to prevent your brakes. Also, people who off-road frequently in a mountain region might end up making their brake components wear faster.Braketech provides roadworthy certificate Melbourne for the wellness of the vehicle while to sold or needs to be re-register.

When you’ve planned to buy brake accessories, buy manufacturer-recommended genuine quality brake components.

For any repairs or maintenance regarding your brake system, call brake specialists from Braketech. For brake inspections, call (03) 9568 1000 today.

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