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Brake Rotors

When your car is wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds its sure sign to replace your brake rotors. And if you’re wondering how and when exactly shall it be done come to our nearby Braketech Melbourne auto care centre as our auto service professionals has all the knowledge and experience to inspect the health of your brake rotors which includes:

• Measurement of front and rear brake pad wear
• Measurement of rotor wear
• Measurement of drum wear
• Strip dip brake fluid test
• E-brake inspection

All services associated with the proper function are necessary and to assist our vehicle owners in keeping them properly operational we follow the below mentioned work chart:

A) Measure the thickness of brake rotors.
B) Remove and replace rotors and pads.
C) Perform a brake safety inspection.
D) Perform test drive.

Braketech Recommendation: It is a good thought to get the thickness of brake rotors measured annually. Also if your brake rotors have significant wear or are warped, our mechanics will resurface or replace them.

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