5 Common Signs Your Brake System Is In Trouble

//5 Common Signs Your Brake System Is In Trouble

5 Common Signs Your Brake System Is In Trouble

Brake repairs and servicing are crucial for your car. When you take care of the brakes, it will take care of you when you need them the most. However, quite often brakes are underappreciated and taken for granted. People tend to look after the brakes only when it comes to an issue. So,  get a brake service, or a check-up whenever you go for RWC Oakleigh or regular car service. However, a professional inspection performed by a brake specialist Melbourne proves to be beneficial and helps prevent your brakes from degrading. Your brakes will show warning signs when it is not in good condition.

Brake Light Is On

If the brake light indicator on the dashboard appears on, it’s time for you to get your brakes for service. It could alert a potential warning that your brakes are in issue. So, take this signal as a warning and go to a car service shop near you.

Squealing Noises

Noises from your brakes shouldn’t be ignored. Sometimes it could just be a foreign agent like a pebble or debris got stuck in the brake. Another reason could be brake pad indicators. When these come in contact with the rotor, they tend to produce a high-pitched noise & you must replace the brake pads. In addition we also provides Roadworthy certificate Oakleigh for your Vehicle for safe travel.

Leaking Fluid

When you apply brakes, many components are at work & brake fluid is one of them. It helps create hydraulic pressure against the caliper, which is crucial for your brake system. It enables you to stop, slow down and move safely. If there is a decline in the brake fluid level, your brake system will be unsafe, giving a poor ride.

Vibration While Braking

If your steering wheel or vehicle shakes while braking, it could be an issue with your brake rotors. Brake rotors are discs that sit inside the wheels. So when you apply brakes, the brake pads push against the rotors, which stop your wheels from spinning.

Burning Smell

When your brake is overheated, you will see a sharp chemical odour, that emanates from the brake system. To avoid the consequence, pull the vehicle to a stop and allow the brake to cool, or call a mechanic to help you out.

Delayed brake service could put your drive at risk. So follow your car service schedules and keep your brake in good condition. For brake repairs or service, call Braketech on (03) 9568 1000.

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